Thursday, December 2, 2010

One week

One week from today I am turning 30.

I have taken off work and I have made a decision, that despite the fact that I have not been training well, I will be running 30 miles on my 30th. The proposition of that idea is actually really exciting to me. I wish I could explain what it is that I feel when I am's a combination of the solitude, the pain, the music, the being outside, the conquest, and other things that I just can't put into words. So, I plan on running it, even if it is cold and snowy. (my mom kept giving birth to me, even though it hurt and I was in a sense, it makes sense.)

After that I plan on eating, sleeping, and getting a new tattoo. I know....but hey.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I need a run....

Today, I lost it. Not on purpose, but I lost it none the less. Another teacher used some of my materials. Materials that I spent several hours creating. I was territorial about it....I was generally a jerk about it. It was a sad. So, I swallowed my anger, let it go and went on. I shouldn't have gotten mad at all....I mean we are all here for the same reason. I have a vested interest in being a team player. So, with that over.... I need to say.... I NEED A RUN TOMORROW.

we are going to be spending the weekend at my parents. My mom and dad are hosting my husband's family. It is actually wonderful that both of my families get along so well, and I am really looking forward to the time with both of them. My sister in law in flying in and my husband is taking off of church on Sunday so we can stay the whole weekend. I am thrilled.

I plan on running while there. I have the route planned out and I am super excited. I just need to stay away from lululemon. My addiction is getting scary.